George the Collie Vs Home Improvement 

Not the TV show. Actual home improvement. 

Change room layout. Adding more floor space. New doors & windows – where does it stop?

You get settled, then they go and change it all up again. What’s up with that?

I have a bed, a bowl 🍚 and a box 📦 of toys. What more do I need, really. Apart from treats I mean – never have too many of those 🐶.

Decorating, that’s more my style. My ability to ‘help’ with decorating is legendary for one so young.

That’s the sort of ‘home improvement’ I like to get involved in – that and a little gardening 😂.

Love you guys! 



Author: George the Border Collie Dog 🐶

The life and times of a #British #BorderCollie #dog. Fan of Cheese 🧀, Socks & tummy rubs.

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