George the Collie Vs Training Pt.1

Embarking on Puppy Training. Likely going to need some help and advice – it’s going to be long road….


IMG_6600.jpgSo, i am now nearly 5 months old and i am due to start at a puppy training class in a months time to be taught how to behave.

For some people, this would seem quite late in the day for a puppy but this is when the next class starts and my folks feel this is the best class for me to join.

In the meantime, training continues – yes, i am already quite a good boy – to improve and imbed some basics before class starts.

Some people NEVER do a puppy training class and then wonder why they have trouble with their dog. It makes sense to me that both the owners and the pet would improve their understanding of each other and their communication skills.

Better understanding leads to happier owners and pets.

Reading around (yes, i can read, i don’t like to talk about it but i AM a very talented pooch – i can blog can’t it?!) i found this post below and it made me laugh how true is is.

When it comes to dog training – BOTH parties are after something.

We never spent a bunch of time training our boys to do parlor tricks. They do enough cute things throughout the day to entertain us! However, sometimes it’s not so much dog training as much as human training. Their food and treats are kept in this pantry. I started to notice Breck would paw at […]

via Where’s Your Food? — Midwestern Plants

I would like tho think i have managed to bend my folks to my will over a few things and they certainly have learnt some of my behaviours which helps us both. It certainly helped when we were sorting toilet training.

There will likely be some common themes that most dog owners have experienced but if you have any tips or tricks i can pass on to my owners – let me know!

Love you all.


Author: George the Border Collie Dog 🐶

The life and times of a #British #BorderCollie #dog. Fan of Cheese 🧀, Socks & tummy rubs.

4 thoughts on “George the Collie Vs Training Pt.1”

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    1. I am sorry. I am just stating out at doing this myself and trying to find my way.
      It certainly is not easy.
      All I can say is don’t give up. You write from the heart so keep trying. If you try to be something that you’re not, over time, this will show through.
      Be honest, be persistent and write about your passion and interests.
      Good luck.


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