George the Collie asks: Blogs, Blogging & How to Blog…..a cry (whimper?) for help.

So, yeah. Blogs.

I’d heard about them even read a few about subjects i was interested in, balls, bones, walks, treats (quite a limited field….) but never really done one before this started.

I find social media interesting and, personally, see blogging as part of that field to a certain extent.

You have an idea, you articulate that idea to others. In this case by writing about it and posting it for all to see – how hard can it be?

I am complete novice at this but it still hurts. You put a post on and……………nothing really.

It’s cruel.

I mean, i am not writing highbrow, compelling fiction here but, still, its nice to have some feedback.

I think this level of expectation is driven by other forms of social media where you receive almost instant feedback from friends and i understand, a little, how this media world but still…’s hard to take.

I have read quite a few items about improving your views etc but they don’t really seem to translate into actual views in reality. When i see things like the post below, it couldn’t draw a bigger ‘NO!” from me.

Hey there! Today’s E for post is an MCQ quiz! No, don’t run away just yet. This quiz is not like the ones you attempted during your student days. This awesome quiz will help you understand whether you are a blogging expert or no, and give you tips on how you can improve your skill today!

via Are you a blogging expert? #AtoZChallenge — broken blue bubbles

Now, i also understand it is about content and many will not be interested by my ramblings but when i think of how many users WordPress has, it still surprises me how little engagement you get with people.

I don’t get down about this sort of thing, i find it interesting, i like a challenge and it is still nice writing about things going through your head, even if no one is reading!

So, i thought i would ask for a little help. Some tips to improve. The content will still largely be dog related but there will be some bits a little different over time.

As i said, i’m no expert but i would be open to help and advice from anyone who feels they are or who has some experience of these things.

This isn’t my life, this isn’t a commercial enterprise or source of income for me, just fun, but i would always like to be better at what i do and, hopefully, i will hear from some of you soon.

Love you all.




Author: George the Border Collie Dog 🐶

The life and times of a #British #BorderCollie #dog. Fan of Cheese 🧀, Socks & tummy rubs.

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