Manchester. The pointless killing of innocents by cowards.


As I wake up this morning, I go downstairs, switch the kettle on absent mindedly as I pass it on my way to greet George and open the back door for him to go out.

George has his regular ‘just woken up’ stretch in his bed before scrambling up and running outside to assume the ‘ready to hug’ position.

Post hug, I come to make a cup of tea.

During my routine, this is the part where I plug my phone in to charge and review what’s happened over night whilst the kettle boils.

A bomb. In Manchester. 19 dead. At an Ariana Grande concert.

The first thing I feel is sadness. I love Manchester. It’s a great, proud city with a great history. I have a lot of friends there. I am due in Manchester a week today, attending the Arena itself for a concert but, I doubt that will go ahead now. 

As for the bombing, why? What does it achieve, really? Yes you get fear, death, terror and exposure but this is Britain, this is England. We’ve had it before. Manchester has had it before.

It really serves no long term goal.

Once the initial shock has passed, all you will do is unite a City and a country.

The unity does ebb and flow over time but the actions of the bombers just solidify the resolve of the city, of the country.

This isn’t specific to Britain, this is world wide. I cannot think of anything that justifies their actions. Killing people from a distance and thenfilming yourself masked up by some flag? Pointless.

So why do it? Why do it at a concert that will attract children because of its content? Because it’s an easy target and the bombers are cowards.

You feel more respect for someone, fighting for their belief on a front line, weapon in hand. Not this sort of cowardly, stab in the back action.

Bombing a youth concert in Manchester achieves nothing but destruction and death.

If you want to fight for your beliefs, go. Go and fight. There are plenty of war zones around the world to join. Have some courage to face your enemy. 


Author: George the Border Collie Dog ๐Ÿถ

The life and times of a #British #BorderCollie #dog. Fan of Cheese ๐Ÿง€, Socks & tummy rubs.

2 thoughts on “Manchester.”

  1. How sad. I don’t exactly pay attention to the news, as its mostly sad. I haven’t heard about this yet.
    Yes, bombers are cowards. I also think most reasons us humans fight are stupid. For a piece of land? A specific god? More money? Its senseless.


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