George the Collie and the #DogBlog

Keep on posting, keep on writing and keeping the faith.


Over the years, I’ve had a dabble at writing a blog a couple of times but never really got it to stick. It might be motivation that was the issue but the whole ‘dog’ thing is a nice hobby, a good distraction from the downsides of general life.

Third time lucky maybe as I am managing to publish posts with some regularity. 

I know most of it is dog related and this probably helps with the posts as George is a fairly regular source of inspiration for content.

I do a lot of posting on social media and that does alright for contacts and it’s nice having that interaction with so many people. It would be nice to have that level of contact via this blog too.

I know that, for some people, this is their job, their life and they have made a business out of it – I certainly don’t have time for that – but that is not this blog. You see some people tailor their content to suit the current issues of the day and, again, that’s not this blog. 

There will be some ‘current’ stuff being posted but, mainly, its dog related and maybe that’s why blogging is so punishing to the writer. A post on social media can garner a lot of attention and validation for the poster but, on this platform, that’s not how it works.

I am still finding my feet. 

This is sometimes me just emptying my head in the guise of a pooch and now and again I’ll get some feedback which I really appreciate.

It’s just odd sometimes. 

A friend of mine joined Twitter some years back. They were on Facebook and, for some reason, presumed it worked the same. They started following a few friends and celebrities and made a few posts but then complained that he wasn’t getting any interactions with anyone.

His posts were like ‘Wow, big night. BIG head this morning’. Harmless enough but he had no #hashtags and , most importantly, no followers. I explained to him this was the equivalent of sitting at home alone talking to the TV πŸ“Ί but I don’t think he understood. 

But, writing these posts, I can help but think if I am doing something similar – almost. As I said, it’s nice getting comments and chatting with viewers but it can be disheartening. 

I will carry on though. If anything, it’s cathartic – almost confessional at times – and good to get things out of my head rather than have them fester.

So, to those that do view my posts, to those that take time to comment and give me feedback, I thank you. πŸ‘πŸ»

Author: George the Border Collie Dog 🐢

The life and times of a #British #BorderCollie #dog. Fan of Cheese πŸ§€, Socks & tummy rubs.

8 thoughts on “George the Collie and the #DogBlog”

  1. I think it’s a lovely blog. The reason I like reading dog blogs is because it distracts me from the depressing stuff that goes on in the world, and because dogs and reading about dogs just makes me happy. The internet is such a negative place so much of the time, a place where people say horrible things to and about each other, and do it without any consequences most of the time. The more dog blogs, the better. I follow a lot of dog blogs, but yours is one of my favorites.

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  2. I agree with what peacelovepointers said, I read dog blogs to get away from the evil in the world 😈 Dogs are cute, fun and always get a laugh. Yes, I think dog blogs are somewhat easy to write.
    I began blogging to use it as a portfolio of writing. Not exactly caring who followed me. I’m not a FB user and only tweet my posts. I did start following a few bloggers (dog blogs!) & commented. Then more things interested me, I followed… now I’ve got a nice following.
    It all depends in what you want. I don’t have many followers, however because my blog is educational, it gets a lot of hits, but few likes.

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    1. Thank you for the comment and advice. It’s an odd one as the blog is more dog than not as he’s a constant source of inspiration but sometimes it’s good to just empty my head out.
      I’m not a writer. I have ideas but no patience to develop any real stuff – my own fault!
      With the blog, I annoy myself that I want people to read it but then remember it’s, kind of, not about that.
      I don’t know.
      When I figure it out, I’ll write about it! 😊

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  3. There ya go. Just write what comes to mind. I have trained myself to see stories/posts in everything I see. That took a long time to develop.
    When you do see an opportunity to write about, get it out! πŸ˜‰ I know from reading many blogs that writing isn’t everyone’s forte. Although, many times the writing is totally entertaining!
    Everyone wants folks to relate to them, even me, a hermit. πŸ˜‰

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