George the Collie jokes and puns – Wimbledon special.

15 – Love.


I’ve invented a new game, called Quiet Tennis. 

It’s like regular tennis, but without all the racquet.


Author: George the Border Collie Dog 🐢

The life and times of a #British #BorderCollie #dog. Fan of Cheese πŸ§€, Socks & tummy rubs.

9 thoughts on “George the Collie jokes and puns – Wimbledon special.”

      1. I was trying to decide between agility and flyball as well for my pup. Of course her growth plates have to close first. I would really love to take herding lessons with her, if I could find someone that does them.


      2. There are a lot of farms where I live, so I figure there’s got to be someone local who gives lessons. If I lived in a city I’m pretty sure herding wouldn’t even be an option. Unless someone has figured out a way of having sheep in the city. I would feel bad for a sheep if it had to live in the city though. πŸ˜‰


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