George the Collie eats….Pt.5

Foam roller.


Cappuccino foam.

What do you think?

George the Collie eats….Pt.4

It’s all Greek…..

So, making a salad 🥗 and the boy is sniffing about for scraps.

As ever, I put too much cheese on a salad so my wife has some feta left over.

Does George like feta?

Yes. He. Do.

George the Collie Vs Special Dog Food.

Dogs WILL eat anything….

George isn’t our first dog. He’s our third and, over time, we have learnt more about what our dogs ate.
With Harry, he had bad knees and so some reduced mobility. As a result, he ended up on a lower fat diet – still kibble but something a little healthier for him. 

Ted was a very different kettle of fish. Behaviour issues meant he had to be on a low protein diet to reduce his energy levels. This worked but, ultimately, he still ended up being re-homed because of his aggression towards females.

Along comes George who is lovely.

A really good dog with no issues until, as it turns out, he develops a wheat allergy.

We thought he had a bug and took him to the vets but after his symptoms went away (on a special diet for a few days) he went back on his old food and within a few hours he is ill again.

Fortunately, we had already ordered some Laughing Dog Food Wheat Free kibble which has helped out after we weaned him over to it. He is now, 🤞🏻, fine and loves his food.

It’s just something to consider. You hear about humans with allergies but they are there for dogs too.

Dogs, given the chance, WILL eat anything wether it is bad for them or not but just because they can doesn’t mean they should.

George the Collie Vs Food Construction 

Food needs a solid foundation….

I don’t eat much restaurant food, I’m more of a kibble kind of guy but I have observed a few odd things.

Food. Some of it ‘looks’ great but watching it being eaten shows it’s far from being great.

Watching a burger 🍔 in a brioche bun disintegrate as it is being eaten doesn’t look like much fun or value for money.

Building food 🥘 should be like building house. Solid foundations. A good soup needs a good base.

You would not build the Empire State Building out of wood and you would not accept a poorly constructed property collapsing around you.

Keep it simple Chef!

A short, behind the scenes interview with a young Border Collie dog about his preference in toys.

Just a short interview with a dog.

George the Collie Vs Dogs in Advertising.

As much as George wants to eat it all, don’t believe the hype.

I’ve noticed recently (I’m only 5 1/2 months) that there is a lot of advertising for dog food.

LOTS of advertising. Nearly as much for pet food as there is for human food.

It’s not that I don’t get to see much of THAT food, it’s the animals in them. It’s like the Border Collie mafia have control of advertising.

I know we are easily trained and have expressive faces but we are everywhere .

Now, Collies are beautiful and there are lots of us so using this breed may give you a good market share but the side track, the sub story to these adverts is the hook.

Farm dog, inferred farm produce = ‘Got to be better’ 

The same as human food. Stick it in a box marked ‘farm’ somewhere and people hoover it up even though it’s probably never been rural since it was slaughtered. I’M more farm than that and left my farm at 10 weeks old!

I just think that, like with human food, people are getting mugged off with an idea that something is more natural than it actually is.

I am not saying don’t buy it, just don’t believe the hype. 👊🏻