Bernard Cornwell – The Sharpe prequels.

In the beginning……


If you ever read the Sharpe series of books, they are try to be an historically accurate stories based on real events with a swashbuckling romantic underdog side.

If you don’t like this sort of thing, you’d best not read on.

Prior to Sharpe’s Rifles, the actual first published Sharpe book, the prequels fill in the back story.

Sharpe’s Tiger – This is the first book which introduces us to Private Richard Sharpe, a Redcoat in the the Indian Army. Thinking about deserting, Sharpe falls foul of Sgt Obidiah Hakeswill who sets him up and has him flogged. The siege of Seringapatam leaves Sharpe standing as a Sergeant, a bit of a hero and a fabulously wealthy one at that after some light looting see him set for life

Sharpe’s Triumph – revolves around Sgt Sharpe and The battle of Assaye. Chasing a murderous traitor, Sharpe ends up in the thick of the battle. After risking life and limb ends up saving the life of his commander and earning a field commission to Ensign.

Sharpe’s Fortress – Is about Ensign Sharpe, now working in stores and his involvement in the siege of Gawilghur. Chasing the enemy, the British Army end up having to storm a seemingly impregnable fortress.

Sharpe discovers and investigates corruption in the British rank and nearly pays with his life. Having faked his death, Sharpe eventually overcomes all and helps lead his side to victory.

Sharpe’s Trafalgar – This story revolves around Sharpe’s return to England via The battle of Trafalgar. After eventually securing passage home, our hero embarks on an adventure involving, piracy, theft, love and loss. Out of his comfort zone fighting on the sea, Sharpe shows his leadership skills to contribute to the victory – is he ever on the losing side?

Sharpe’s Prey – This story Is about the British expedition to Copenhagen to stop Napoleon taking the Danish fleet.

Sharpe, contemplating leaving the Army, gets drafted in to assist on a side mission and finds himself in the middle of a siege.

Fighting for his life alongside those of friends and lovers, Sharpe comes out the other side in a reflective mood ready to take up his post in the next book – Sharpe’s Rifles.

If you’re a fan, these are fine, if formulaic, stories that are historically accurate.

Good, swashbuckling, action and adventure.

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