George the Collie Vs Training Pt.1

Embarking on Puppy Training. Likely going to need some help and advice – it’s going to be long road….

IMG_6600.jpgSo, i am now nearly 5 months old and i am due to start at a puppy training class in a months time to be taught how to behave.

For some people, this would seem quite late in the day for a puppy but this is when the next class starts and my folks feel this is the best class for me to join.

In the meantime, training continues – yes, i am already quite a good boy – to improve and imbed some basics before class starts.

Some people NEVER do a puppy training class and then wonder why they have trouble with their dog. It makes sense to me that both the owners and the pet would improve their understanding of each other and their communication skills.

Better understanding leads to happier owners and pets.

Reading around (yes, i can read, i don’t like to talk about it but i AM a very talented pooch – i can blog can’t it?!) i found this post below and it made me laugh how true is is.

When it comes to dog training – BOTH parties are after something.

We never spent a bunch of time training our boys to do parlor tricks. They do enough cute things throughout the day to entertain us! However, sometimes it’s not so much dog training as much as human training. Their food and treats are kept in this pantry. I started to notice Breck would paw at […]

via Where’s Your Food? — Midwestern Plants

I would like tho think i have managed to bend my folks to my will over a few things and they certainly have learnt some of my behaviours which helps us both. It certainly helped when we were sorting toilet training.

There will likely be some common themes that most dog owners have experienced but if you have any tips or tricks i can pass on to my owners – let me know!

Love you all.


George the Collie Vs Unwanted Cups

If you are reading this, you have a collection of cups and mugs.

If I wasn’t a dog and had money or items of real value, I’d bet on that. 

One thing I’ve noticed about cups is the massive amount some people tend to collect and how few of those they actually use.

You have favourite cups.

You have cups that came with Easter Eggs, Christmas socks, Holiday gifts, Prizes…… get the idea. The odds are that none of these your ‘favourite’ cup.

You will likely have a batting order of cups and at the bottom if this list will be the odd cups, the gift cups, the ones where the ceramic feels thin, or weird or whatever. The ones you’d rather not use.

When you get to the point that you are using ‘those’ cups & mugs, it’s probably time you cleaned up. You need to take control and sort things out so you get back to using the cups you like.

You should use this in life.

There are things that are your favourites and things that are make do. Make do is never good long term.

If, in life, you are making do, its time you had a clean up.

You can leave my treat by the door. You’re welcome.


George the Collie Vs Pet names for Pets.

‘What’s in a name?’ Was asked many years ago. Way before I was born anyway. 

You get born and you get a name, that’s pretty much how it works and I doubt there are many people out there without a name.

So, you get born, you get a name – simple so far. I was Colin but when my folks picked me up I became George, Colin became my middle name (I wanted it to be ‘Danger’ but they wouldn’t have it) and you’d think that’d be it but you’d be wrong.

I have a ‘pet name’.

I’ve seen this with people. Most people have real names and then have a pet name and/or a nickname. How many names do you want?

Celebrities seem to collect them, changing it to promote some new product. That’s not me.

It all seems natural though. They know your real name and they do use it but then they give you this other name and you have to learn that too? Learning names, commands and stuff all takes time but when they then call YOU a DIFFERENT name………… just confuses things.

The next issue is what the name is.

If you could CHOOSE a name, your actual name, would you change it from what you have? Unlikely, but what about nicknames or pet names?

Nicknames usually come about from a funny/embarrassing situation and are usually intended as a lighthearted barb. Sometimes there is malice behind it but this is rare. If you want a nickname to stick, it needs a hook. 

If you have a nickname, are you happy with it? Would you like to change it and, if so, what to and why?

My pet name? Muffin. 


Of all the pet names I could have had, I get ‘Muffin’.

It could have been Butch, Savage, MC Barkley, G-Unit…….you get the gist……but, no, I get Muffin.

Now, this may not stay but I certainty am not trying to make it stick. 

But, really, I’m at a loss. I have been trying to think of a different one that would suit me but I can’t yet so maybe it will stick. Only time will tell but, if not, I’m happy being called George.

Muffin. 😒

George the Collie Vs Home Improvement 

Not the TV show. Actual home improvement. 

Change room layout. Adding more floor space. New doors & windows – where does it stop?

You get settled, then they go and change it all up again. What’s up with that?

I have a bed, a bowl 🍚 and a box 📦 of toys. What more do I need, really. Apart from treats I mean – never have too many of those 🐶.

Decorating, that’s more my style. My ability to ‘help’ with decorating is legendary for one so young.

That’s the sort of ‘home improvement’ I like to get involved in – that and a little gardening 😂.

Love you guys! 


George the Border Collie on going out & making friends…..

A short post today I think.

The sun ☀️ is out and I am quite busy playing in the garden but I still have time for an update. 

Following my course of injections at the ‘lovely’ vets, I was clear to start going out and about.

I have completed a few short walks already, meeting some nice folk along the way, and have started visiting a local puppy club at weekends.

My dad is a keen runner and I have been out at quite a few runs with him which is always great as he always comes back salty/sweaty which tastes great! 

I find that the puppy club can be a bit chaotic for me but I still go, I still try to make friends but, in the meantime I’ll be out enjoying the sun 🐶❤️

George the Border Collie Vs Ethical Dog breeding.

So there has been some coverage in the news recently about ethical breeding of pets. Not just dog but cats too.

There are a number of sites and traders now refusing to promote, advertise or support selective animal breeding, to breed in or out desired traits.

There are a number of ‘flat faced’ dog breeds where, due to excessive in-breeding, a number of long term health issues are presenting themselves (ulcerated eyes, breathing issues etc). All this to provide people with a physical end product based on what they think they want from a pet. Cats being bred to support a genetic ‘flat eared’ trait that leads to lifelong joint pain for the cat all because certain celebrities have the same thing.

They are beautiful animals, very cute as well but it comes at a price, not monetary, and are you prepared to pay it? Many people will without a blink and its easy to understand.

We had Harry the Border Collie for sixteen years. He was a Blue Merle collie, bred for the marbling of their coats.

Before we had Harry, I had no idea what a Blue Merle was but he was a beautiful boy, that couldn’t be denied but those looks came at a cost – bad knees. Apparently, a floating patella needing reconstructive surgery at 12 months old is a side effect of the breeding. A cost to the dog, without a doubt, but once healed he was better, fitter, more mobile.

In hindsight, I still wouldn’t have gone without Harry, he was a true blessing. Although he was of pedigree stock, this was uncertificated and so uncheckable.

After Harry died and we decided to get another dog, we carried out ‘due diligence’ by finding a breeder registered with the Kennel Club. Parents whose lineage could be traced back generations with no physical defects like we experienced with Harry.

For everything we didn’t do or check with for Harry, we did with this dog and so we picked up the stunning looking Ted. We wanted a dog with strong genes to avoid skeletal issues and a good looking coat. Nothing flashy, but nice and so we had a lilac collie.

Unfortunately, for Ted and for us, all the checks and balances could not prevent a dog being more style than substance.

For every good thing about Ted, there were two things wrong. He was hyperactive, aggressive and, basically, dangerous. He COULD be lovely but the aggression meant he had to go. Whilst we had him we tried everything to fix the problems and for everyone we did, more became apparent.

After the massive heartache all this caused, we thought we were off dog and a month later, completely unplanned and unprepared, with no checks carried out – George arrives.

George is great and I cannot think how we lucked on such a good dog but here we are.

For me, having been on the good and bad side of selective breeding, it shows that there are pro’s and cons to both sides. We did our best but this is where the nature/nurture argument kicks in – who’s right?

With George, we met the parents and him – job done. That’s all it took to get my hands on what turned out to be one of the best dogs I’ve ever had.

I think, if how a pet looks is the most important thing in choosing an animal, you probably shouldn’t be getting one. What happens when that celebrity you follow gets bored and changed pets to suit their next haircut or sponsorship deal?

Go with your heart, your true heart, not the one you show on social media and you might just drop lucky on the best thing ever.

Settling in to a routine….

I’ve been well & truly welcomed into my new home. I doubt I could ask for a nicer family.

They provide me with good food & plenty of it! 🐶

So, next up, after kisses, beds & toys comes the responsible stuff.

This, above, is me on the way back from the vets. Lovely people there. A bit rude checking my temperature 🤒 (wasn’t expecting that!) & then my vaccines.

My dad says I was very good & so it was off to get me a collar & ID tag.

I had already had my microchip & soon I would be road legal for walkies!

But first, a quick sleep after a busy day 🐶❤️.

Love ❤️ you all!