George the Collie and the #DogBlog

Keep on posting, keep on writing and keeping the faith.

Over the years, I’ve had a dabble at writing a blog a couple of times but never really got it to stick. It might be motivation that was the issue but the whole ‘dog’ thing is a nice hobby, a good distraction from the downsides of general life.

Third time lucky maybe as I am managing to publish posts with some regularity. 

I know most of it is dog related and this probably helps with the posts as George is a fairly regular source of inspiration for content.

I do a lot of posting on social media and that does alright for contacts and it’s nice having that interaction with so many people. It would be nice to have that level of contact via this blog too.

I know that, for some people, this is their job, their life and they have made a business out of it – I certainly don’t have time for that – but that is not this blog. You see some people tailor their content to suit the current issues of the day and, again, that’s not this blog. 

There will be some ‘current’ stuff being posted but, mainly, its dog related and maybe that’s why blogging is so punishing to the writer. A post on social media can garner a lot of attention and validation for the poster but, on this platform, that’s not how it works.

I am still finding my feet. 

This is sometimes me just emptying my head in the guise of a pooch and now and again I’ll get some feedback which I really appreciate.

It’s just odd sometimes. 

A friend of mine joined Twitter some years back. They were on Facebook and, for some reason, presumed it worked the same. They started following a few friends and celebrities and made a few posts but then complained that he wasn’t getting any interactions with anyone.

His posts were like ‘Wow, big night. BIG head this morning’. Harmless enough but he had no #hashtags and , most importantly, no followers. I explained to him this was the equivalent of sitting at home alone talking to the TV 📺 but I don’t think he understood. 

But, writing these posts, I can help but think if I am doing something similar – almost. As I said, it’s nice getting comments and chatting with viewers but it can be disheartening. 

I will carry on though. If anything, it’s cathartic – almost confessional at times – and good to get things out of my head rather than have them fester.

So, to those that do view my posts, to those that take time to comment and give me feedback, I thank you. 👍🏻

George the Collie Vs Training Pt.4

The importance of meeting…..

It’s important for a dog to have new experiences but chief among them is meeting new people and animals.

George starts his puppy course in 3 weeks so I am trying to have him me as many other folks and pets as possible.

When we first had George, he was nervous of most things and would react defensively to dog, cats and people.

We have walked him a lot, meeting as many folk as we can and encouraging him that all was okay. Taking him into new situations has improved his acceptance of new things and he now actively seeks out new meets.

By having him do this he no longer has any problems with other dogs either, and cats (he is friends with a local Burmese, Bob).

This all bodes well for his course and hopefully he will be less distracted by other dogs and therefore able to focus better.

George the Collie Vs Food Construction 

Food needs a solid foundation….

I don’t eat much restaurant food, I’m more of a kibble kind of guy but I have observed a few odd things.

Food. Some of it ‘looks’ great but watching it being eaten shows it’s far from being great.

Watching a burger 🍔 in a brioche bun disintegrate as it is being eaten doesn’t look like much fun or value for money.

Building food 🥘 should be like building house. Solid foundations. A good soup needs a good base.

You would not build the Empire State Building out of wood and you would not accept a poorly constructed property collapsing around you.

Keep it simple Chef!

A short, behind the scenes interview with a young Border Collie dog about his preference in toys.

Just a short interview with a dog.

George the Collie Vs Dogs in Advertising.

As much as George wants to eat it all, don’t believe the hype.

I’ve noticed recently (I’m only 5 1/2 months) that there is a lot of advertising for dog food.

LOTS of advertising. Nearly as much for pet food as there is for human food.

It’s not that I don’t get to see much of THAT food, it’s the animals in them. It’s like the Border Collie mafia have control of advertising.

I know we are easily trained and have expressive faces but we are everywhere .

Now, Collies are beautiful and there are lots of us so using this breed may give you a good market share but the side track, the sub story to these adverts is the hook.

Farm dog, inferred farm produce = ‘Got to be better’ 

The same as human food. Stick it in a box marked ‘farm’ somewhere and people hoover it up even though it’s probably never been rural since it was slaughtered. I’M more farm than that and left my farm at 10 weeks old!

I just think that, like with human food, people are getting mugged off with an idea that something is more natural than it actually is.

I am not saying don’t buy it, just don’t believe the hype. 👊🏻

George the Collie Vs Sexy Football.

The day the music died…..

Do you follow football? Or soccer ⚽️ as it’s also known?

Do you remember when the English Premier changed from a rebranded Division 1 to something actually special? It was a commercial decision and made to relaunch the league with a new TV deal bringing untold fortune to clubs, making the Premier league ‘The Promised Land’.

We had players from all over Europe joining clubs – some you’d even heard of! If you had a non-GB passport and were half decent then you’d likely get a contract somewhere. It worked for the guy who wasn’t the cousin/nephew of George Weah – for about 20 minutes.

For me, the changes came with the foreign managers coming in, bringing new ideas, tactics and skills.

It was electric, it was (as Ruud Gullit says) sexy.

As revenues went up so did interest from ‘investors’ and clubs started to get bought up by some of the weathiest people in the world.

The product got structured and polished and the public rinsed of as much money as possible.

But, whilst the transfer fees and players wages increased, for the most part, the quality increase did not keep pace and we ended up with a very expensive, often dull, spectacle.

It has is moments of course but the revolution was over years ago and, with it, the death of sexy football.

George the Collie & the Christmas Joke.

The funny side of Christmas detritus…..

So we were moving furniture around in the dining room the other day and, as ever, George is in the thick of things. ‘Helping’ he calls it.

Suddenly he scoops up a little piece of paper that’s slid behind a unit and he’s off.

‘George, don’t eat that!’ I yell, hopefully, after him but he’s already gone out the back door.

Two minutes later he’s back. Back for more? No. He’s got a joke.

‘It’s a cracker Dad, honest’

I acquiesce.

‘Why did Scrooge score the goal?’

‘What?’ I ask, surprised by the festive theme to the joke.

‘Why did Scrooge score the goal?’

‘I don’t know, why?’

‘Because the the Ghost of Christmas passed!’

‘It’s June 1st!’

‘I told you it was a cracker!’ He laughs.