I wish…….

Wow 😳.


23 years old. 

Those of you who have had ‘that’ dog, the one that’ll no other dog will compare with. I know you wish you’d had this much time.

Seriously, it may be the gin talking but I’m jealous. 

I would give so much for another 23 days with this boy but I can still look back, still heartbroken, and be thankful for the years we had with Harry.

George is a good pup, he really is but he’s got some shoes to fill (and not chew) ❀️

….starting to slip(per)

I live in a nice house. It’s lovely. Clean too.

So, along comes a new dog and things are shaken.

With Harry, you got used to where the fluff bunnies would be and we had the appropriate vacuum cleaner to cope – like any long term relationship, you learn you accept and compromise. I’m sure there were things I did that annoyed him (not distributing enough treats etc) but then, in hindsight, he was one of the most forgiving creatures I’ve ever known.

We thought we’d had a couple couple of years off having a dog when Harry died but just 4 months later we were back in the trenches of house training and teething with Ted.

This was all fine until the aggression kicked in and, ultimately, it all broke down and we went back to having a lovely clean, non dog smelling house……..for about a month.

Along comes George and its back with the house training, the little accidents, the pair of brand new curtains with the hole in, the new hole in the lawn…..

Some people have suggested we should we harsher with George and that we are letting things slip but they’re wrong.

He is a lovely lad with a really sweet nature and not a bad bone in his body. Even when he’s done something wrong, he’s very hard to stay angry at.

What do you do with a pup like George? Apart from melt… ❀️

The land of second hand stuff….

I like stuff. 

Seriously. There’s not much I won’t have a look at. 

When my folks brought me home, they had all this stuff already for me, chews, toys, a bed and things.

They’d thrown a load of stuff out but still had loads left over. 

Do I mind the second hand stuff? No, not really. I do have some stuff of my own, like Roadkill the new tiger, but I also have loads of other stuff the play with and destroy, LOADS of stuff and my mom & day aren’t bothered if I break something, they’re just happy it’s being used.

Re-cycling, Up-cycling is it? I don’t know, I’m a Dog.

The journey home….🏑 

Reading this, I think you should expect to feel it is written from a couple of different perspectives, mine & my dads. Some with be obvious, some (possibly cheese based comments) may not be so obvious but stick with it…….

Anyway, I decided that these pair were for me, I liked the look of them, they smelt nice and were really warm so, although a little scary, my mom did a great job of making me feel safe.

I decided to use my ‘nestling’ technique of leaning into to her and sticking my head under her chin. This seemed to work as I stayed in her arms the whole way to my new home.

Now, growing up on a dairy farm, this place was different. It didn’t smell for a start and I had my on bed!

I was a little lonely that first night without my siblings but my new folks worked to help me settle and didn’t seem to mind me howling throughout the night! πŸΆβ€οΈπŸ˜‚

That soon stopped as I quickly got used to things………and the toys! Wow. 

I could have been traumatic I guess but we all seemed to gel really quickly. I had had a great car journey and apart from the first night being a little lonely (the hot water bottle helped) things seem to have gone well. 


A new hope…….

Who doesn’t love a Star Wars reference?

Nothing to do with dogs? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ve been living here for 6 weeks now and it’s going great but to tie in with the title, we need a little context.

About 18 years ago, my mom and dad had a Border Collie puppy called Harry. They had been subject to a number of burglaries where they lived and although he was a pup, he had some bark. With dad working away a lot, this gave mom a lot of support and reassurance.

There are so many stories for Harry, they could fill a whole blog themselves but this isn’t about Chuff (pet names for pets – what’s wrong with that?) So, sad times when Harry died aged 16 and to fill the massive gap mom and dad found in their lives they chose a new Border Collie pup – Theodore, or Ted for short.

Now, long story short, Ted didn’t work out. A beautiful boy but all style and no substance as he quickly grew more aggressive as he matured. This increase in aggression unfortunately ended with Ted attacking his mom.

A modified diet, high levels of exercise, two different dog trainers, behavioural coaching……..the list goes on but, after several more attacks and, finally, a trip to the hospital, time was called and Ted went off to Border Collie Rescue.

My mom was distraught and, to make matters worse, was now anxious and even fearful around dogs.

After a trip to Crufts, it was decided a ‘kill or cure’ route was to be followed and a new pup sought out – leading with heart over head.

This brings up pretty much up to date. 

They came to me and it just clicked and felt right so they chose me and brought me home.

There was/is a big hole to fill and a couple of hearts to mend – hence ‘A new hope’ – but hopefully I can do the job. 🀞🏻

I’ll keep you posted.