Wolves 0- Swansea City 0: Player Ratings — Wolves Way

Wolves had enough chances but was ultimately held by a lacklustre Swansea side. The hosts will fancy their chances however in the replay which is due to take place next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Will Norris 7- He has still not conceded a goal in his Wolves career so far. He looks to […]

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George the Collie jokes and puns 116

Riverside fun.

Just been for an audition to play Badger in the forthcoming play Wind in the Willows but unfortunately my car broke down on the way , so I ended up being Toad .

The slow death of Public Service.

Just waiting to die.

Public Service.

It comes across as a bit of a tainted phrase these days.

With services like the NHS, Council, Social Service, Fire and Rescue Service, Armed forces, Teachers, Ambulance and Police maintaining the fabric of society and looking after the ills and misfortune that befall the public, it is easy to disregard their importance to your day to day life.

Many have been in ‘Service’ for centuries, the Armed forces and Police for instance, whereas some are fairly modern and evolved in post WW2 times when it became apparent that far more needed to be done to improve the lot of the general public.

The benefits may seem limited to you at first glance but remember having Polio as a child? Of course you don’t as you were likely immunised by a member of the NHS. Remember when you first figured arithmetic or learnt how the earth was constructed? That happened in school and, unless you were privately educated, was also free, like the NHS at the point of entry.

It is only when you need one of the services that you realise their value. How do the majority get educated, protected? Through public servants doing their jobs.

Most public sector jobs are seen as vocational and, although paying adequately, unlikely to make you rich. There may be a large amounts of plaudits for the job you perform, it could be very public or behinds the scenes. Either way, there are a multitude of roles that get performed as the machine ticks on.

Many do see their roles as a duty and take great pride in what they do, and rightly so in many cases as what can be better than assisting someone in need of help to improve their situation.

But the public sector is also very bloated and corporate. There are immense budgets to pay for some of these sectors, health being probably the largest and most expensive to the tax payer, as the organisations evolve to cope with the demand placed on them.

And this, it seems, is a biggest issue. Money. The lack of it. The amount wanted. Who has it and why.

Money is the biggest problem with the public sector.

I imagine a time when doctors worked for county hospitals, led a comfortable life with children in private education. Now they are on £100K contracts with options to add to that with private work on top.

Public sector ‘industries’ now have executive boards like major corporations and have salaries to match.

It’s moved away for vocational work for the common good to the accumulation of wealth and status. Greed and position trump reason for doing the job in the first place.

Privatisation or ‘contracting out’ of services leads to major companies with now experience of public service now lining up for a piece of the pie. A space on the gravy train. A snout in the trough.

Couple this with a ‘service users’ sense of entitlement to a service rather than maybe do the bare minimum to aid themselves when perfectly capable leads us to a perfect storm.

The situation we are in now where we seem unlikely to ever be able to actually afford to pay for the services to be funded to a level where they are actually effective.

Unless something fundamental changes in the economy or society, I can only see the eventual slow slide to privatisation and the death of public service.

Wolves 3 – Brentford 0 #WWFC #UTW

Wolves started 2018 like they’ve spent the second half of 2017, winning and in some style too. Our lead at the top is now 12 points a quite extraordinary advantage at this point in the season. Nuno dedicated the win to John ‘Foz’ Hendley who sadly passed away before the game. I’m sure he would have been proud of the […]

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