George the Collie jokes and puns 81

Knock on wood.


My father once won a competition for having the most door knockers on his front door.

He won the no bell prize.

George the Collie reviews National Trust Shugborough Hall

Some work to do but still a great visit.

Set in mid-Staffordshire, Shugborough Hall is the ancestral home of the Earls of Lichfield

The hall and grounds have recently been taken over by the National Trust as, as you might expect, things are not fully up to speed.

Being a dog, I’m not allowed in the house so just the grounds for me but I have to say they are some of the better one I have been around.

There are (partially) defined paths to follow around and areas where dogs can run free, thankfully. They were great.

There are some beautiful sights as you amble around but my folks got lost quite quickly due to poor path marking. We all muddled through okay though and made it back to the modern world.

There are a large number of ‘follys’ (follies?) around the grounds but there used to be a lot more, 11 in fact.

The gatehouse leads you along the road to the deer/cattle grazing areas which are vast.

There is an art ‘thing’ going on around the grounds as well where you can look into these viewers, below, and watch an art house piece relating to the history of the park and the two brother that brought ‘paradise’ to the grounds in the shape these follies. Inspiration taken from their travels the area was transformed.

Unfortunately, many of these were destroyed or neglected over time leaving only a few remaining which can be found about.

The arch of Hadrian, above, is the most visible one remaining but there are still the Doric Temple, The Tower of the Winds, The Shepherd’s Monument and more to see.

We did make use of the fabulous tea room though. That clotted cream was lovely.

A nice park and well worth a visit. Not seen the house yet but we’ll go back. The grounds still have some way to go but still a nice spot.

Easily Distracted- Steve Coogan


Steve Coogan is a bit Marmite. You either like him or you don’t I think.

I find him funny and interesting, my wife is not a fan.

I first became aware of him on The Day Today comedy news show.

I next saw him as Paul/Pauline Calf and then as Alan Partridge in his various shows.

Along with a couple of films, I’d seen a fair bit of his work.

It wasn’t until I read this that I actually get to understand him more. Autobiographies are only ever as much as the author wants to show us but Coogan gives up a lot.

You learn about his family, his schooling, college and him striving to produce a polished, funny, comedy product.

The story moves through significant segments in Coogan’s life – the phone hacking, bad movies, Oscar winning movies and, ultimately the Perrier prize.

You get a real feel for the man and it feels honest.

A really good, interesting autobiography that, handily, is also very funny.

George the Collie eats….Pt.6

The cat/dog that got the cream….

So, apparently, depending on Devon style or Cornish style, you apply the clotted cream to jam or vice versa.

Which are you?

George isn’t fussed BUT he does prefer the cream. Clearly.