George the Collie eats….Pt.4

It’s all Greek…..

So, making a salad 🥗 and the boy is sniffing about for scraps.

As ever, I put too much cheese on a salad so my wife has some feta left over.

Does George like feta?

Yes. He. Do.

George the Collie Vs Training Pt.9

Getting better….

A short up date following a better week at the puppy class this week. 

George was a lot more settled and engaged this week and really seemed to e interested in what we were doing.

His gate work was fine and his walking to heel is improving all the time.

He has the attention span of a teen but this can be grouchy sharply into focus with the application of sausage.

I know I am biased but you can tell who puts time and effort into their pets and all the hard work with George seems to be paying off.

Saying that, he did steal a sandwich off the table as soon as we got home so still work to do 🙄.

George loves poppies 1

The first of many…..


They are an amazing flower with the ability to grow in some pretty tough areas.

Poppies are also a symbol of remembrance and, as such, have a place close to my heart. My favourite flower.

Just another occasional series of posts whenever I see a poppy and get the chance to take a photo.

Hopefully George will make it into the photo too.

First one, on its own in the middle of Hednesford Park, Cannock.

George and Social (Network) climbing.

Making and meeting friends.

I've written about social media before, I think. This is why I number posts – to keep track of where I am with everything.

Now, George is a very loving dog and loves lots of things.

I would go so far as to say that George loves everything apart from noisy vehicles approaching from behind him.

And tunnels. He doesn't like the reverberations in tunnels.

Other than that? Loves it all.

George is a social chap. Not only is he on this blog, he is on Twitter:

He's on Instagram:

He's also on Facebook as George Rees but a bit harder to find.

Anyway, social media profiles are becoming a bit of a hobby. It's harder gaining followers on some than others but, overall, gaining any new followers is nice and it's lovely getting nice comments about how lovely George is.

I could say that 'One of my favourite things is about Social Media is the way is connects people all over the world' but it wouldn't be completely true. I find one of the nicest things about Social Media is actually meeting people that you've only previous known via Social applications.

I don't think it undermines the point of the Media, I think meeting people in real life, having a physical connection, adds to it all.

George has 500 followers on Twitter and 100 or so on Instagram and these numbers creep up all the time. Would I like more? Honestly? Yes. It's nice.

The followers to this blog are the hardest to come by and feel more like accomplishments when I do pick up a new reader.

Overall, interaction with people is what makes social media – wether is it in comment conversations or actually meeting in person. Shared interests met in people coming together.

George will keep on sharing.