Apology in advance.

We’re on a break.


Hello folks.

There has been a little disruption in my regular posting schedule caused by some conflicting priorities.

As a result, until April 2018, there will by intermittent posting on my blog.

There will be some posts but certainly no where near the regularity of the last year.

I will be back into the swing of things in a couple of months so don’t go away.

Thanks for your continued support.


George the Collie reviews ‘stretchy harness thing’ for running with Dad. Verdict just in.

Run, Forest.

‘It’s alright’

George the Collie jokes and puns 123


Sat with my wife at a table in the restaurant, the waiter came up to our table and asked “Would you like to hear today’s special?”

“Yes please,” I said.

“Today is special.” he replied and walked off.