George the Collie reviews – National Trust Croome 

A National Trust day trip gem.

Set in beautiful Worcestershire, Croome was secret wartime airbase which has been turned into a lovely place to visit.

We went in a group, with my friends, Elsa, Pip and Bob.

Dogs are welcome in the gardens and grounds but not in the house so we had a good run out there instead.

Only allowed in the gardens? Not a problem when you have garden designed by ‘Capability’ Brown – his first commission.

The restored parkland is a joy to walk around and, having been designed so well it has an interesting layout with some great views.

On the day we visited, in between sporadic showers that had us darting for cover, we took advantage of the deckchairs set out around the lake, positioned to take in the best views whilst waiting for our picnic to turn up! 

Overall, a lovely site to visit, my first visit to a National Trust location, and one I’ll look to return to. After I’ve had a rest!

Well worth a visit. 🐾🐶❤️

George the Collie Vs. Social Media.

George on Social Media. The good, the bad and where do you stand?

So I do a bit on social media. It’s like a hobby. 

I am on Facebook, I’m on Instagram and I’m on Twitter. I enjoy the social sharing side and the engaging with people.

It can be a lot of fun and then it can be a bit rubbish.

I know some people make a living of this sort of thing but I believe you’d have to work full time at something like that but, my mom & dad have jobs and responsibilities. It’s never going to be their everything.

I also understand that, for some people, it’s also not a job but it’s IS their everything. That’s fine. For some, it might be their only way of connecting with the outside world and, again, that’s fine.

Social Media can change the world. It can change countries as well as individuals and is a fantastic ways of connecting people.

Unfortunately, like most good things in life, there can be a downside to it with people being deliberately hurtful to each other. I haven’t not had much of this but I do still get affected by others imposing their rules or beliefs on me.

If you push against them they hit back harder. I can take it but there are others that don’t and, if you see individuals being targeted, the right thing to do is to fight it.

It is well documented how abuse on Social Media has led some people to and beyond the limit – with fatal outcomes.

It shouldn’t be about this and we should take a stand. 

If you see and you allow it to happen, you should take a look at yourself and who your are as a person.

Where do you stand?

Joke conversations with George the Collie……

‘Knock, knock’ I said…..

‘Dad?’ George asked.

‘Dad? Tell me another joke.’

I had pretty much gone through my whole repertoire in a day. His appetite for gags knew no end.

‘Okay’ I said. ‘Here goes….’

By now I had George’s complete attention and he was shaking with anticipation.

‘Knock knock!’

George shot off in the direction of the hallway and, ultimately, the front door……..

George the Collie Vs Pet names for Pets.

‘What’s in a name?’ Was asked many years ago. Way before I was born anyway. 

You get born and you get a name, that’s pretty much how it works and I doubt there are many people out there without a name.

So, you get born, you get a name – simple so far. I was Colin but when my folks picked me up I became George, Colin became my middle name (I wanted it to be ‘Danger’ but they wouldn’t have it) and you’d think that’d be it but you’d be wrong.

I have a ‘pet name’.

I’ve seen this with people. Most people have real names and then have a pet name and/or a nickname. How many names do you want?

Celebrities seem to collect them, changing it to promote some new product. That’s not me.

It all seems natural though. They know your real name and they do use it but then they give you this other name and you have to learn that too? Learning names, commands and stuff all takes time but when they then call YOU a DIFFERENT name………… just confuses things.

The next issue is what the name is.

If you could CHOOSE a name, your actual name, would you change it from what you have? Unlikely, but what about nicknames or pet names?

Nicknames usually come about from a funny/embarrassing situation and are usually intended as a lighthearted barb. Sometimes there is malice behind it but this is rare. If you want a nickname to stick, it needs a hook. 

If you have a nickname, are you happy with it? Would you like to change it and, if so, what to and why?

My pet name? Muffin. 


Of all the pet names I could have had, I get ‘Muffin’.

It could have been Butch, Savage, MC Barkley, G-Unit…….you get the gist……but, no, I get Muffin.

Now, this may not stay but I certainty am not trying to make it stick. 

But, really, I’m at a loss. I have been trying to think of a different one that would suit me but I can’t yet so maybe it will stick. Only time will tell but, if not, I’m happy being called George.

Muffin. 😒

George the Collie Vs Home Improvement 

Not the TV show. Actual home improvement. 

Change room layout. Adding more floor space. New doors & windows – where does it stop?

You get settled, then they go and change it all up again. What’s up with that?

I have a bed, a bowl 🍚 and a box 📦 of toys. What more do I need, really. Apart from treats I mean – never have too many of those 🐶.

Decorating, that’s more my style. My ability to ‘help’ with decorating is legendary for one so young.

That’s the sort of ‘home improvement’ I like to get involved in – that and a little gardening 😂.

Love you guys! 


George the Border Collie on going out & making friends…..

A short post today I think.

The sun ☀️ is out and I am quite busy playing in the garden but I still have time for an update. 

Following my course of injections at the ‘lovely’ vets, I was clear to start going out and about.

I have completed a few short walks already, meeting some nice folk along the way, and have started visiting a local puppy club at weekends.

My dad is a keen runner and I have been out at quite a few runs with him which is always great as he always comes back salty/sweaty which tastes great! 

I find that the puppy club can be a bit chaotic for me but I still go, I still try to make friends but, in the meantime I’ll be out enjoying the sun 🐶❤️