George the Collie eats….Pt.6

Easy one this time.

Apples. I’ve been told the seeds contain arsenic or cyanide or something.

I was sure so I was taking any chances – I don’t want to hurt the lad!

So, George would be excited by a piece of coal so him bouncing around is no guide to future performance.

I’ve seen him not eat things before and wasn’t sure if today it wasn’t just the preparation – smaller slices in future maybe.

But, yes, he’s a fan.


George the Collie on Dogs v Cats

A story of love, not hate.

Ever since books have been in print and images have been shown on screen there have been ‘Dog v Cat’ stories.

Natural enemies. Nature or Nurture?

Of the last three dogs we’ve had, none have been ‘taught’ that cats are the enemy and so, obviously, they do not see them as such.

Parents teach to their kids who pass it on and so it goes on, needlessly.

Cats, naturally being more safety conscious tend to shy away from dogs, especially if they’ve had a bad experience and this can set the dogs on edge. One feeds the other and so the problem persists.

But start them off on the right foot and make it a good, friendly experience and you get a different outcome.

Spread love, not hate.

George the Collie Vs Training Pt.8

Personality crisis….

So, Gentle George is now 6 months old and progressing nicely towards becoming a lovely dog.

After flying through house training and basic puppy commands, he started puppy school a few weeks ago.

Now, George is doing well but there seems to be a little creeping trait coming in.

Going through some basic commands recently, I noticed a little reluctance to do as asked. Nothing major but it did require a firmer tone to get compliance.

It is likely nothing to be concerned about and chatting to my wife about it we wonder if it is just him growing up. Getting a little more confident and his personality showing through.

We certainly wouldn’t be looking to stamp out personally traits in the lad but it’s interesting to see him develop.

We’ll keep an eye on him and ensure  he knows where he stands but he does need to know his place in the pecking order.

George the Collie on Dog Friendships.

Dogs and dog friends….

The life of a hermit is more likely one chosen than enforced. People need to be with others, even if it’s for short periods. People need people.

It’s the same with dogs.

If your dog doesn’t go out, doesn’t get walked, has no contact with other dogs, how is it supposed to react when it sees another dog? That’s probably the second question your dog will ask itself on seeing another dog. Right after ‘WTF?’ 

So, to have the most balanced dog, it needs experiences, good and bad, of other dogs so that it learns how it feels when other dogs are about. If they don’t get this, how can you expect you dog to improve its social skills?

You can’t keep your dog locked away and then shout at it for losing its self control on seeing other dogs – it’s a natural reaction for the dog.

George has been socialised as much as we can from an early age, with people too, not just dogs and cats.

As such, he is a joy to take out. He is genuinely interested and excited to meet others and I can be confident he poses no threat to any of them. 

This confidence only comes from testing and knowing your dog. If you don’t help your dog – you’ll reap what you sow.

You dog loves being social so, please, give it every chance you can. 🐾

George the Collie Vs. Social Media.

George on Social Media. The good, the bad and where do you stand?

So I do a bit on social media. It’s like a hobby. 

I am on Facebook, I’m on Instagram and I’m on Twitter. I enjoy the social sharing side and the engaging with people.

It can be a lot of fun and then it can be a bit rubbish.

I know some people make a living of this sort of thing but I believe you’d have to work full time at something like that but, my mom & dad have jobs and responsibilities. It’s never going to be their everything.

I also understand that, for some people, it’s also not a job but it’s IS their everything. That’s fine. For some, it might be their only way of connecting with the outside world and, again, that’s fine.

Social Media can change the world. It can change countries as well as individuals and is a fantastic ways of connecting people.

Unfortunately, like most good things in life, there can be a downside to it with people being deliberately hurtful to each other. I haven’t not had much of this but I do still get affected by others imposing their rules or beliefs on me.

If you push against them they hit back harder. I can take it but there are others that don’t and, if you see individuals being targeted, the right thing to do is to fight it.

It is well documented how abuse on Social Media has led some people to and beyond the limit – with fatal outcomes.

It shouldn’t be about this and we should take a stand. 

If you see and you allow it to happen, you should take a look at yourself and who your are as a person.

Where do you stand?

Conversations with George the Collie Pt.2

‘What are trees for dad?’ asked George. I think I have told him more than he wanted.

George and I are out in the garden, taking advantage of the good weather in order to tidy up before Sunday’s party.

‘What are trees for dad?’

I stop what I’m doing and addressed the question.

‘Well buddy, trees do lots of things for lots of people. They provide shelter, wood for fires, furniture, you make paper from it, it provides shelter and food for animals and birds, they produce oxygen, the roots hold soil together to stop erosion and protect land, the trees protect people, they can be decorative too – they do loads of things and provide so much to so many. That’s why we have to protect the forests as much as we can.’

Staring up at the massive Beech trees that lined the bottom of our garden George says ‘Oh. Okay.’ Pausing to scan the branches he added, ‘I like sticks. They’re good for that too……’

George the Collie Vs Unwanted Cups

If you are reading this, you have a collection of cups and mugs.

If I wasn’t a dog and had money or items of real value, I’d bet on that. 

One thing I’ve noticed about cups is the massive amount some people tend to collect and how few of those they actually use.

You have favourite cups.

You have cups that came with Easter Eggs, Christmas socks, Holiday gifts, Prizes…… get the idea. The odds are that none of these your ‘favourite’ cup.

You will likely have a batting order of cups and at the bottom if this list will be the odd cups, the gift cups, the ones where the ceramic feels thin, or weird or whatever. The ones you’d rather not use.

When you get to the point that you are using ‘those’ cups & mugs, it’s probably time you cleaned up. You need to take control and sort things out so you get back to using the cups you like.

You should use this in life.

There are things that are your favourites and things that are make do. Make do is never good long term.

If, in life, you are making do, its time you had a clean up.

You can leave my treat by the door. You’re welcome.