George the Collie reviews – National Trust Croome 

A National Trust day trip gem.

Set in beautiful Worcestershire, Croome was secret wartime airbase which has been turned into a lovely place to visit.

We went in a group, with my friends, Elsa, Pip and Bob.

Dogs are welcome in the gardens and grounds but not in the house so we had a good run out there instead.

Only allowed in the gardens? Not a problem when you have garden designed by ‘Capability’ Brown – his first commission.

The restored parkland is a joy to walk around and, having been designed so well it has an interesting layout with some great views.

On the day we visited, in between sporadic showers that had us darting for cover, we took advantage of the deckchairs set out around the lake, positioned to take in the best views whilst waiting for our picnic to turn up! 

Overall, a lovely site to visit, my first visit to a National Trust location, and one I’ll look to return to. After I’ve had a rest!

Well worth a visit. 🐾🐶❤️

A short, behind the scenes interview with a young Border Collie dog about his preference in toys.

Just a short interview with a dog.

George the Collie Vs Dog Food



This isn’t George. This is Harry the Dog. One of his predecessors. He was a VERY good boy and, as such, received lots of treats. So, George strives to be as good boy too.

This is Harry with a filled bone. Harry could, and would, eat almost anything (not off the table though after having mustard put on his nose) and never complained about what he was given. A really good boy.

After having some problems with Ted, the dog after Harry, that was when we found out about dog allergies. It was never anything i had really thought about. We were aware of the rise in the number of reported and diagnosed allergies in humans compared to a century before but, in pets?–> window.yumprintRecipeDisabled = true; Did your grandparents have food allergies? Mine sure didn’t. A stark comparison to the growing epidemic of food allergies, worsening with every generation. According to a study released in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food allergies among children increased approximately 50% between 1997 and 2011 (1). […]

via Why your grandparents didn’t have food allergies…but you do — How to Provide

A bit of research with dog food manufacturers showed a whole market for Wheat Free and Grain Free dog food and products for allergic animals.

It was surprising and also made you wonder if you’d been feeding your dog incorrectly for a long time.

These thoughts were then checked by the rational part of the mind that said ‘Dogs eat anything’, ‘This is a gimmick’,  ‘Guilt trip to make you pay more’ but i took a punt and purchased a wheat free product from The Laughing Dog food company.

I was surprised at the impact it had on the the dogs temperament. He seemed calmer overall and, happier?, yes, i guess so. Certainly more relaxed as if he had been in some general discomfort.

This is not scientific process by me – far from it – as we never went so far as having Ted diagnosed but it certainly seemed to help. Ted’s other problems are a different story, see my first post  ‘A New Hope’ about all that.

What it did give us is an idea of a healthier diet for our dog. It seems a lot of advertised dog food is created to look almost edible for humans – beef with peas, carrots & gravy – like we’ve just given him a Sunday dinner. I very much doubt most of us would eat a Sunday Roast dinner every day so why would we give it to a dog? Can that be healthy?

Either way, my dog, my choice and he eats healthy. Yes, he gets lots of small treats and i mean LOTS but he is being trained and a lot of these ‘treats’ are actually just pieces of his standard kibble.

It may or may not have been something you’ve considered before but, if you care about your pets, it’s got to be worth a few moments thought.


George the Collie Vs Home Improvement 

Not the TV show. Actual home improvement. 

Change room layout. Adding more floor space. New doors & windows – where does it stop?

You get settled, then they go and change it all up again. What’s up with that?

I have a bed, a bowl 🍚 and a box 📦 of toys. What more do I need, really. Apart from treats I mean – never have too many of those 🐶.

Decorating, that’s more my style. My ability to ‘help’ with decorating is legendary for one so young.

That’s the sort of ‘home improvement’ I like to get involved in – that and a little gardening 😂.

Love you guys! 


I wish…….

Wow 😳.

23 years old. 

Those of you who have had ‘that’ dog, the one that’ll no other dog will compare with. I know you wish you’d had this much time.

Seriously, it may be the gin talking but I’m jealous. 

I would give so much for another 23 days with this boy but I can still look back, still heartbroken, and be thankful for the years we had with Harry.

George is a good pup, he really is but he’s got some shoes to fill (and not chew) ❤️