George the Collie jokes and puns 76

Read it, twice.


There is a fine line between hyphenated words.


Rant. Not Rant.


I was chatting to someone, dog to dog, about blogging and content.

They do a blog on a very niche area and asked what I write about.

I said that I’d started writing about the Dog stuff but this expanded out to Jokes (I nearly said SOME jokes, like it’s not the main thing I post!) and reviews of old books and places I’ve visited.

He asked if I wrote anything on politics or opinion and I don’t.

Politics is a tough one and I usually don’t have much to say that doesn’t involve swearing and anger so I try to steer clear of that on here and @GeorgeColinRees – you don’t want a dog as a political commentator and so much news is told from a slant – it’s hard to get to the the truth. I don’t like wasting time on gossip too much.

Opinion is similar in that it can be polarising. That you like/don’t like something can upset people so I’ve steered away from that too.

I did do a post yesterday on something that annoyed me, use of some language, and – in all honesty – it probably wasn’t the language that annoyed me as much as the person acting in a certain way and I used that.

It did get me thinking though about how much people say that annoys, in only little ways. I’m not going to wander the street looking for revenge.

So, if you start to notice some posts about annoyances – I’m not going to turn into a miserable blogger, I’m just writing stuff down to vent in a peaceful way that stops me upsetting folk.

Feel free to shout at me in comments. I listen to feedback.