George the Collie jokes and puns 104

Deserves a medal πŸ₯‡


After 22 years in the army as a chaplain, they thanked me for my service.

Things that annoy….5

I’ve got 5 on it…….

High 5. πŸ‘‹

C’mon bro, High 5 me πŸ‘‹

Don’t leave me hanging. High 5 πŸ‘‹




It not like I DON’T do them myself, I do.

It’s more around WHEN they’re done.

Scored a goal? Achieved something? Now. Now is the time to do it.

Not when your good news is someone liking your status on Facebook.

The overuse and, in my opinion, incorrect use of the High 5 devalues it. It lessens it’s impact and importance as a unifying gesture.

Give it some respect ✊

Things that annoy….4

Mobile frustration.

Rant time?


Rumbles of annoyance? Yes.

Mobile phones πŸ“±, I like them. Great piece of technology but, over time it has created to worrying traits in people.

I could probably do several ‘Things that annoy….’ about mobiles if I broke them down into individual things but let’s go with a few……

A) Using whilst driving – What can you say. It’s dangerous and if you get caught in a country that prosecutes people for doing it, you reap what you sow.

B) Confidence checks – ‘Yes, we’ll, I went up to (checks phone) Toby and said you’ll just have to (checks phone) wait until Friday for the quarterly (checks phone) reports……..’

We’ve all been there and most of us do it but try to make a conscious effort to NOT check it every 2 minutes.

C) The drift – The aimless, blissfully ignorant wander across a space as the person is locked to their phone, without regard for who or what is about them.

D) Speakerphone – Phones have built in speakers and microphones that allow you have the device next to your head giving you a degree of privacy so WHY walk around with the phone in your hand like a miniature tray with the speaker phone on.

You then have to speak louder at the phone in order to be heard. I don’t get it. Phones are great tech so why make it harder to use?

People are idiots…….

George the Collie jokes and puns πŸŒŸπŸ’―🌟

The πŸ’―th gag. Enjoy. Re-read if required.

Now, my dad like jokes. A lot.

This is by far his most productive subject for blogging but liked doing other stuff when he gets time.

These jokes and puns are just for entertainment and he hopes they make you smile at least.

πŸ’― jokes posts is a lot when it’s supposed to be a dog blog but he has a lot of fun with George and wishes dogs could talk solely for fun conversation.

Anyway, I’m sure there will be more actual content soon but, in the meantime, enjoy.

Here’s the gag: ⬇️

Accordion to a recent survey, 95% of people won’t notice if you replace a word with a musical instrument.