George the Collie reviews ‘stretchy harness thing’ for running with Dad. Verdict just in.

Run, Forest.


‘It’s alright’

George the Collie jokes and puns 85

Drive U round the bend.

Growing up I always wanted to be a plumber but, alas, it was only a pipe dream.

George the Collie eats….Pt.6

The cat/dog that got the cream….

So, apparently, depending on Devon style or Cornish style, you apply the clotted cream to jam or vice versa.

Which are you?

George isn’t fussed BUT he does prefer the cream. Clearly.

George is 9 (months).

The story so far….

George is 9 months now. He is in between dog courses, bronze – silver, and has been given a little time of training and lessons.

This worked alongside us going on holiday for a couple of weeks, leaving George with a dog sitter.

This was interesting to see how he handled being left.

Previously, the longest he’d been left was a weekend when he was about 5 months and he came back feral!

When we picked him back up he was very pleased. Very pleased.

I am guessing that remaining in a structured, dog-centric household had a positive impact on George and he came back a lot more under control.

He is still lovely and lively with it.

He’s 18kg so bang on target for age & weight.

He is being fed right at the top end of what a medium dog at his age should be having but he’s not got an ounce of fat on him – he’s in great condition.

We are looking to get him back to school over the next couple of weeks so, hopefully, some updates to follow.

George the Collie eats….Pt.6

Easy one this time.

Apples. I’ve been told the seeds contain arsenic or cyanide or something.

I was sure so I was taking any chances – I don’t want to hurt the lad!

So, George would be excited by a piece of coal so him bouncing around is no guide to future performance.

I’ve seen him not eat things before and wasn’t sure if today it wasn’t just the preparation – smaller slices in future maybe.

But, yes, he’s a fan.

George : You dig dog?

Hole in the ground…

What is it with digging dogs?

What is the attraction to digging?

If I went out, ripping up earth with my bare hands, it’d hurt. It wouldn’t be fun so what do dogs get out of it?

When I have seen the results of George digging, it’s usually him lying on the lawn chewing the root of a plant like it’s a cigar.

Maybe that’s what he likes. The plant root. Something in there he likes.
George loves carrots, maybe sweet potatoes too or a similar fibrous root vegetable?
I’m hoping it’s something he’ll grow out of.