George the Collie and the missing of naivety.

Missing the quieter times of ignorance…


Do you remember when you younger and things were, or at least felt, easier. I miss that. 

I had a discussion recently with a colleague where I made reference to the ‘dust’ on a moths wings as ‘moon dust’ and was promptly mocked. I found this a little hurtful but I’m pretty thick skinned and moved on 😊.

It got me thinking though, which is probably never a good thing.

I know, and have always known, that the moth wing dust is not actually moon dust but that was what I was told it was called as a kid.

Biscuits are called biscuits and chips are called chips, it doesn’t matter. A deep fried potato piece or triple choc baked item by another name would still taste as good.

I’m getting off track. 

I miss the naivety of when you took things on face value.

We are absolutely aswash with information, criticism and judgement. 

I miss the quieter times. I miss not having all information. I miss ignorance and trust.

George the Collie Vs. Social Media.

George on Social Media. The good, the bad and where do you stand?

So I do a bit on social media. It’s like a hobby. 

I am on Facebook, I’m on Instagram and I’m on Twitter. I enjoy the social sharing side and the engaging with people.

It can be a lot of fun and then it can be a bit rubbish.

I know some people make a living of this sort of thing but I believe you’d have to work full time at something like that but, my mom & dad have jobs and responsibilities. It’s never going to be their everything.

I also understand that, for some people, it’s also not a job but it’s IS their everything. That’s fine. For some, it might be their only way of connecting with the outside world and, again, that’s fine.

Social Media can change the world. It can change countries as well as individuals and is a fantastic ways of connecting people.

Unfortunately, like most good things in life, there can be a downside to it with people being deliberately hurtful to each other. I haven’t not had much of this but I do still get affected by others imposing their rules or beliefs on me.

If you push against them they hit back harder. I can take it but there are others that don’t and, if you see individuals being targeted, the right thing to do is to fight it.

It is well documented how abuse on Social Media has led some people to and beyond the limit – with fatal outcomes.

It shouldn’t be about this and we should take a stand. 

If you see and you allow it to happen, you should take a look at yourself and who your are as a person.

Where do you stand?