George and Social (Network) climbing.

Making and meeting friends.


I've written about social media before, I think. This is why I number posts – to keep track of where I am with everything.

Now, George is a very loving dog and loves lots of things.

I would go so far as to say that George loves everything apart from noisy vehicles approaching from behind him.

And tunnels. He doesn't like the reverberations in tunnels.

Other than that? Loves it all.

George is a social chap. Not only is he on this blog, he is on Twitter:

He's on Instagram:

He's also on Facebook as George Rees but a bit harder to find.

Anyway, social media profiles are becoming a bit of a hobby. It's harder gaining followers on some than others but, overall, gaining any new followers is nice and it's lovely getting nice comments about how lovely George is.

I could say that 'One of my favourite things is about Social Media is the way is connects people all over the world' but it wouldn't be completely true. I find one of the nicest things about Social Media is actually meeting people that you've only previous known via Social applications.

I don't think it undermines the point of the Media, I think meeting people in real life, having a physical connection, adds to it all.

George has 500 followers on Twitter and 100 or so on Instagram and these numbers creep up all the time. Would I like more? Honestly? Yes. It's nice.

The followers to this blog are the hardest to come by and feel more like accomplishments when I do pick up a new reader.

Overall, interaction with people is what makes social media – wether is it in comment conversations or actually meeting in person. Shared interests met in people coming together.

George will keep on sharing.

George the Collie reviews – National Trust Moseley Old Hall

A local National Trust site, small but friendly.

Situated just outside Wolverhampton, Moseley Old Hall is somewhere I have been past many times but never got around to visiting.

Described as ‘An atmospheric Elizabethan farmhouse that saved a King’ I did a bit of digging before visiting finding that it had been used as a hiding place for the retreating King at the end of the English Civil War and includes a ‘Priest Hole’ actually used by the King to avoid his pursuers.

Being a dog, I’m not allowed in the house itself so have to be content with the outside and what an outside to enjoy! 

The (recreated) 17th century gardens are quite small but in keeping with the house itself, extending around three sides to include a seating area for picnics.

There are facilities on site, a souvenir ship, second hand book shop, plant sale area and a little tea room (which boasts the best scones in the world), but we just brought our own little picnic and coffee.

As you wander around the grounds there is a ‘Kings Walk’ through the tree to a tree house and pond.

It is a lot smaller than some better know. National Trust sites but this is reflected in entry price for non-members being smaller.

All in all, a nice little venue which is easy to visit just off J2 M54 (it can be noisy in parts as it is next door)

George the Collie Vs. Social Media.

George on Social Media. The good, the bad and where do you stand?

So I do a bit on social media. It’s like a hobby. 

I am on Facebook, I’m on Instagram and I’m on Twitter. I enjoy the social sharing side and the engaging with people.

It can be a lot of fun and then it can be a bit rubbish.

I know some people make a living of this sort of thing but I believe you’d have to work full time at something like that but, my mom & dad have jobs and responsibilities. It’s never going to be their everything.

I also understand that, for some people, it’s also not a job but it’s IS their everything. That’s fine. For some, it might be their only way of connecting with the outside world and, again, that’s fine.

Social Media can change the world. It can change countries as well as individuals and is a fantastic ways of connecting people.

Unfortunately, like most good things in life, there can be a downside to it with people being deliberately hurtful to each other. I haven’t not had much of this but I do still get affected by others imposing their rules or beliefs on me.

If you push against them they hit back harder. I can take it but there are others that don’t and, if you see individuals being targeted, the right thing to do is to fight it.

It is well documented how abuse on Social Media has led some people to and beyond the limit – with fatal outcomes.

It shouldn’t be about this and we should take a stand. 

If you see and you allow it to happen, you should take a look at yourself and who your are as a person.

Where do you stand?