George the Collie and the missing of naivety.

Missing the quieter times of ignorance…


Do you remember when you younger and things were, or at least felt, easier. I miss that. 

I had a discussion recently with a colleague where I made reference to the ‘dust’ on a moths wings as ‘moon dust’ and was promptly mocked. I found this a little hurtful but I’m pretty thick skinned and moved on 😊.

It got me thinking though, which is probably never a good thing.

I know, and have always known, that the moth wing dust is not actually moon dust but that was what I was told it was called as a kid.

Biscuits are called biscuits and chips are called chips, it doesn’t matter. A deep fried potato piece or triple choc baked item by another name would still taste as good.

I’m getting off track. 

I miss the naivety of when you took things on face value.

We are absolutely aswash with information, criticism and judgement. 

I miss the quieter times. I miss not having all information. I miss ignorance and trust.